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2nd Annual Lebowski Fest

The 2nd Annual Lebowski Fest was held in Louisville, Kentucky on July 19th, 2003 at the AMF Rose Bowl.

2nd Annual Event Gallery 1 – Photos by Jerry Duvall
2nd Annual Event Gallery 2
Pre Party @ Back Door Lounge
Screening of the film
Ringer Toss/Parking Lot

The links below are to other photo galleries from various attendees.

Stephen Lutz
The Horners
Ryan’s Photos
Purple Squirrel

Steve Ward
Larry Brantley
Bones Jones
Chicago Achievers
Bill Rudy
Guardian (UK)
Pat Bratton

2nd Annual Official Recap
2nd Annual Press

The weekend of events included:

Friday Midnight Screening of the film with Jeff "The Dude" dowd
Saturday July 19th 2nd Annual Lebowski Fest
Sunday July 20th Recovery Brunch with the Dude

The itinerary has a more detailed view of all the activities held including the "Renegade Motorcade Parade" and "Ringer Toss".

The 3rd Annual Lebowski Fest is set for June 19th 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Retired Items
Retired Items

LA 2006 Shirt
LA 2006 Shirt

New York Event Poster
New York Event Poster

Nixon Bowling Poster
Nixon Bowling Poster

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Seattle Event Shirt
Seattle Event Shirt

Music @ Lebowski Fest
Music @ Lebowski Fest

3rd Annual Poster
3rd Annual Poster

Lebowksi Fest is not affiliated with the creators of The Big Lebowski. We are just huge fans of this Coen Brothers masterpiece.
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