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Are you an Achiever?

Achievers across the world, stand up and be counted! Even if you live on the polar ice caps, go out an achieve anyway. Send us a picture of you in your Achiever shirt from anywhere in the world. Include your location and name and we will put them on the site for all to see!

I’m sorry Bob, I wasn’t listening. Chelsea on The Price Is Right! Full story and more pics here.

Dios Mio! Rudy and Christee find The Jesus (John Turturro) in Chicago!

Comedian Brian Posehn! And proud we are of him.

Infamous documentarian CHUNG! with Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) at Lebowski Fest West 2006 in LA.

Roxy achieves in Pee Wee’s Chairry spotted at the WHY Louisville store.

Doh! Steve in the Simpsons living room.

Kym and Dave mess with The Jesus in Rio

Kate and Sean with Slider. The Indians may have lost, but they went out and achieved anyway.

Scott at the 2007 Burning Man, man.

Jon at the South Pole!

Lisa, Mike, Jennifer and Don in a hot air balloon in Asheville, NC

Marty being careful with his beverage on a merry-go-round in Bartonsville, PA.

Emmet at the Great Wall of China. The wall is not the issue.

Monte Vista HS class of 2007in Danville, CA – Achieving the 5 minute mile

You brought a dog bowling? "The Dude" – a four-legged Achiever

In Kansas City, the family that Achieves together stays together.

Tracy at the Coen Brothers double-feature in Hollywood, CA.

Ryan after a cross-country drive from Marland to CA for a double – animal style

Phoebe and Josie in Portland, OR

Nathalie and Scott all wet at the 18th Annual Dipps for Turkeys in the Detroit River

Don picking up a Squishee at the Kwik-E-Mart in California!

Donna Achieving in "Second Life"

Kristine and her newest achiever Carter

Shawn at the Mile High Nationals with Top Fuel driver, Cory “Mac”

Adam and his lady-friend Laura in Yellowstone National Park

The family that bowls together stays together. Danielle, Cordelia & the folks.

Baby Steven after urinating on the rug.

Tom at the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland

Brooke enjoyin her donkey at the Pyramids at Giza.

Jason and Kevin achieve at Elena and Matt’s wedding

Jeff with the world’s largest axe in Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada

Neil at the end of the world. Far out!

Casey gets the axe in Canada too

Roman and Scott at the Arctic Circle

Mike in Baja, Mexico

Pipey and Steve with Dubya in Tbilisi , Georgia

Achiever Twins David and William achieving in Knoxville, Tennessee

Michael watching the planes crash into the mountain at St. Maarten.

Ramsus in Mongolia takes on a local in a wrestling challenge.

Michael with Ed Harsch and Marc Ford on their last night as Black Crowes

Jim fighting unchecked aggression in Sarajevo, Bosnia at the site of start of WW1

A startled young Achiever.

"The Achievers" bowling for Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Traverse City, MI

Shane grabs a trout in Montana

Brentos (the freshmaker) in Jamaica

Lenny at the Acropolis in Athens

Mark at the St. Patricks Day Parade in Kansas City, MO

Corey with the winged man in Playa Del Carmen

Brian at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.

James wih his son at Rosario Beach, Washington. He is the Paulrus.

Richard runs the "Moral, Welfare & Recreation" center in Ramadi, Iraq

Rob at the Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe

Mike at Lambeau

Patrick in Munich at the Hoffbrau House with a Nihilist

Andy on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Scoutmaster Pat at Scout Camp at Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania

Garrett takin it easy at the British Virgin Islands

Jamen a double achiever in Florida

Rick unemployed but achieving anyway

Martin in Rockey Point, Mexico

Christee at Mardi Gras 2008

Scott at the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia aboard the Anaconda III

Nathan Turner at Niagra Falls

Will at the Bonneville Salt Flats with his Harley

An Unknown Achiever and Justin meet @ Great Lakes Brew Fest, Racine, WI

Jude and his new wife Kristina on their wedding day in Vermont. Congrats!

20 Achievers ready to take on The Price Is Right (Airs on CBS – March 27th, 2006)

Chicago – and proud we are of her…

Greg rafting through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River

Shut the fuck up – it’s Donnie! Jason and Steve Buscemi in Nantucket.

Jason achieves the robot.

Scott McKeel with the "Real Beer Man" at the 2006 World Series

Tyler, the littlest achiever

Larry achievng at Iron Man in Florida. Do you see what happens?

Tom "goes wild" at the Colts vs. Patriots game

Ben on Rita: Queen of Speed at Alton Towers, England

They finally did it. They killed his fucking car. Bummer.

Karl in front of Himeji Castle

ocke in front of Hitlers WWII bunkers in Skagen, northernmost point in Denmark

Michael enjoyin’ his coffee in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jon at the Ashland, OH vintage motorcycle races

Professor Peter at the village of Lentas on the south coast of Crete

John doin some Logjammin’

Nick achieves a hefty largemouth bass in California

Baby Beatrix often requests Kahlua with her milk bottle.

Chris of the US Navy at Camp Le Monier in Djibouti, Africa

The Sphinx!

Rebecca at the foot of " The Black Giant," Tungurahua.

Chris at Mt. Etna in Sicily

Phil of Seattle’s Trio Stay Tuned

Carolyn at the Tower of London with Beefeater

Jon and Maya just saw the Queen in her damn undies!

Achiever Bowling team in Chicago

We’re talking about unchecked aggression. John from Texas

Lebow-SKI trip Snowbasin, UT

Baby Jack in Roanoke, VA

Thijmen van der Linden in Mumbia, India. Far out.

Tracey, Jennifer, Jamie and Leslie at the Blarney Castle

Ed in Argonia, Kansas @ the Tripoli L.D.R.S. Launch (Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships)

Ian at the Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona

Nick finds a johnson in Italy

Dennis trying to find reverse in a Soviet Tank in Mosul, Iraq

Katelyn from Apopka, Florida enjoyin’ her Cherrio’s at Sea World in Orlando

Ray cruisin in Jamaica Bay on Long Island

Starting them off early. John and Brandy’s Ultrasonic Achiever Iowa City, Iowa

Cáit, Ross, Nikky and Fintan enjoying a beverage in Dresden, Germany

Sean in Aruba

Dennis influencing the impressionable in Morocco.

Rob & 2 lady friends at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival in BC Canada

John enjoyin his Tiki god in Tahiti

Will with Edgar Winter at the Mansfield, WA. MC Rally

Don and his beverage in Prague.

Drew at Carnegie Hall in New York

Matt and Hannah in Norway

Chad O’ Achieving at the Indy 500

Joe and Ray exploring the bottom of the Hackensack River in New Jersey

The family that Achieves together, stays together. Beth, Scot and Scot Jr in Orlando.

Taylor and Grandpa Ike, Northampton, Massachusetts

Jack "Burgersaurus" Dunning (left) with Eric "Badlands" Booker at the 2006 Nathan’s Famous 4th of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest

Cory at Plitvice National Park in the Zadar region of Croatia

6 month old Kasey

Dave in Europe at Mont St. Michel

Does the Pope shit in the woods? Ben in the Vatican, Rome.

Jason dwarfed by world’s largest teapot!

Elizabeth from her room in New York’s SoHo district

Cami on the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland

Steve in Australia

Nathaniel in Ireland. Far out.

Tim and wife Angela on their honeymoon @ Bob Marley’s birthplace in Jamaica

Aaron in Jamaica – You said it MON!

Sean Murphy, Chris Chew (North Mississippi All-Stars bassist) and Dan Murphy

Jim achieves in the back yard

Luke from Stroke 9 on stage at the Secret House Vineyard in Eugene, OR

Big Ran in Steeler Country

Brian at his 25th reunion at Colby College in Waterville, ME

Christian catchin’ Ling in Freeport

Tyler at Bonnaroo 2006

Eric in Denver, CO.

Annemieke in Aruba

Scott from Medina Sod at Devils Tower in Wyoming

Jim achieves in his backyard in California

Fitz after rebuilding a house in New Orleans. And proud we are of him!

Jim ran 26.2 miles and all they gave him was this crappy medal.

Scott & Julie at Cahal Peche, Mayan Pyramid, Belize, Central America.

Chris achieving with his C2-A Greyhound while deployed in the Persian Gulf

Brad high in New York atop the Empire State.

Tipper after hiking the Appalachian Trail!

Dios Mio! Matt acheiving the Inca Trail

A little, little Achiever who will be allowed to watch the movie at 18

Damien the graduate from Grand Valley State. And proud we are…

Roland, Frank and Bob @ Roland’s Rib Fest in Brentwood, MO

Greg achieving with his Hurricanes jersey at game 7 of the Stanely Cup Finals

Porter & Tyler – "What is Achieved in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

Jennifer in front of Red Square in front of Lenin (V.I. Lenin!)

Rocco in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico

Four Caucasians – Janice and Geoff with two beverages

Jon in New York!

Dave and Matt at the summit of Long’s Peak in Colorado

Stephen on the beach in Cornwall, England paying tribute to Donnie.

Kathleen and Steve at the Great Wall of Asian Americans

The Achiever Bowling Team celebrating at Coyote Ugly’s in Denver

Paul in Key West at the southernmost point is the US.

Avril achieving at the bosom of the Atlantic Ocean, at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Another Achiever coup in Omaha

Andy at the U2 concert in Dublin

Jason and Zac at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Clay and Stephanie ago at Castle Urquhart on Loch Ness in Scotland

Damaris and Kristen at the bed races

That’s DOCTOR Timothy King – Achieving a PhD at Stanford

Mike’s first skydive in Florida

Our own Steffanie achieving a tan in Gulf Shores

Toby saltwater fly-fishing in Belize.

Mike in Hopedale, Illinois with his Dude-abego

Forum Achiever Family Photo – artist unkown

Bowling in Minnesota

Those are good burgers, Walter

Aaron and Sofia achieving in a shoe in Amsterdam

Jesse from minneapolis. Are you happy you crazy fuck? Apparently.

Jeff and his sister in Huntington Beach

Two Achievers find each other at a Widespread Panic concert in Birmingham

Kyle at the Keswick

Sickboy Chuck in front of the Dude’s bungalow in Venice, CA

Avi and Joni in a Harvard dorm room

Mike in Anchorage, Alaska at -7

Kathy and Daron calmer than you are in Venice

Doug standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona – Hating the fucking Eagles

Mads S. Bang in Aarhus, Denmark. This aggression will not stand, man.

PT achieving at DQ

John goes deep in Africa

Sprows in China via epcot center. Authenticity is not the issue.

Ryan with world’s largest buffalo in North Dakota

Ryan again with world’s largest turkey – an achievement indeed

Kathleen "goes wild" in Berlin.

Mike Achieves on the clock. Well done, sir.

Unknown Swiss Army Officer – Emmental, Switzerland

Dennis at Cascades d’Ouzoud in Morocco

Clay in Savannah,Ga St.patricks Day 2006 with Ex-pornstar Mustache Matt

Willem in Surinam.

Marc in his natural habitat.

Ricky and Rex achieving at the Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Cork Co., Ireland

Dave at Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe

Jon – The Lowest Achiever at The Dead Sea in Israel

Scott high above the clouds on Bird Ridge Mountain, Alaska

Sarah at the Volcan Poas in Costa Rica (506 is the Costa Rica’s country code)


Schuyler and Beth matriculating from S. Oregon U with the necessary means.

Nicklas and Niklas in LA

Ulf & Bjoern throwing rocks in Braunschweig, Germany

Mike Walsh Achieving with the coveted 1st Annual Shirt

Rob puckers up with the ladies at Bowlmore lanes in NYC

Dan at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin

This aint legal either, dude. Ringers in the Arizona desert.

Willem in Aruba

Our own Graphics Dude, Bill Green honeymooning in Kauai

Tami & Mark on the Sea of Galilee – photo by 7 year old Nathaniel

Bob and his sister on the Mendenhall Glacier in southeastern Alaska

Kyle at Dover International Speedway

The dishes are done, Dude @ Philadelphia’s Nodding Head Brewery

Michael Achiving Liberty in New York

Dianne and Steve Persall at the Telluride Film Festival.

Rodney in Barcelona, Spain

John – mustache bachelor party at college world series (that’s John on the left)

Jimmy Achieving with the King in Vegas

Vinny raids a beer truck in Savannah, GA on St Patty’s Day

Andy and Dave takin it Big Easy

Kyoto, Japan! – Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

Kurtis in Seattle

Kate has a beverage in Prague

Sean stands next to Lenin. That’s V.I. Lenin!

I’m talking about unchecked aggression here – Mark from Georgia

Mick and pals at a bull fight in Spain!

Dragon and his family of Achievers

Achieving in Denmark

EJ in St. Jean de Luz, France

Baltzar Family reunion at the 4th Annual Fest

Brent and Scott behind home plate at the DC Nationals

Achieving at Lollapalooza in Chicago

Atlantic City Achiever

Winners Circle at Belmont Park

Jason Achieving in Yosemite National Park – what are you a park ranger, now?

Drew at the New Orleans Jazz Fest

Operation Iraqi Achiever – and proud we are of him!

Gary, Bill and Brian in Philly.

Leggo Achievers!

Nicaragua at Mt. Masaya, an erupting volcano

Charlie and Andrea in Cozumel

Eric with his students in Urumqi, China – teaching "American Culture" class

Peter and Stan high atop Observation Point in Zion National Park

Steve in Costa Rican Rainforest

Curt snowboarding in Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Careful, man there’s 105 beverages here.

Kinnie in St. Louis


Eric and Ryan in Kashgar, China

Kevin in Paris, France

Tom on a bike trip in Moab


Iain and Julian from Sheffield

Ben, achieved by Isabelle and Steve on January 16th, .2007

Casey and Zeus @ Ceasars Palace in Vegas

Eiffel Tower

Carter rocks out on Mount Waynapijchu looking back at Machu Picchu, Peru

Jim at Frith St.Tattoosin London, England. Tattoo it on your forehead!

Tucker and family believe in nothing. Except for Michigan football.

The happy couple.

Guy and Jack on a mission in Baghdad

Greek Theater in Taormina, Sicily

Achieving in the Turkey Trot marathon in Cleveland

Kyle camping in Florida.

Jeff at the Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Craig in San Carlos, CA – really tying the room together.

Dave in Hawaii

Achiever spotted in New York Sun article about Phish.

Richard enjoying a beverage on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Dragon at Papa John’s Stadium in Louisville

San Juan de Rioseco, Colombia, South America

See you in Louisville!

Parker from Rochester, NY – starting ’em out young

Justin catches a Red Snapper in Destin, FL

Jessica at the Gate River Run 15K, Jacksonville, FL

Justin and Joe achieving intoxication at the Wobbly Barn in Killington, VT

Achieving at Uncle Runts Place

Bill Green Joshua Tree National Park

His Dudeness enjoys his beverages

Achievers – Class of 2004 – Las Vegas, NV – Feb. 27th

Cory in Kenosha Pass, Colorado

Snowboarding Achiever – Ruidoso, New Mexico

Cousin It at stage 8 of the 2005 Tour de France in Southern Germany

Aberdeen Ahievers – Aberdeen University, Scotland

Chris & Nancy at the Hoover Dam

Blonde Achiever – Austin, TX

Phil in Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Achievers from Manheim, PA

Mike Slawski, of Turner Slicko. Jacksonville, NC in November, 2003.

Achieving on stage in Portland – Maggie’s Choice

Bogdan 4002 feet above sea level in Durau, Romania

Unkown Achiever

Achieving anyway…

Dragon and his roadie, Little Larry.

Uncle Buck – Myrtle Beach, SC

Swimming Hall of Fame – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hello! Did I urinate on your rug?

Brian Sterner, Florida Keys

The Hong Kong 7s Rugby Tournament – Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-Achiever, please.

Careful man, there’s a bottle here.

Toledo Tony

Jesse in Minnesota

Paul in India.

Alysha in San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race.

Construction site in front of Ceasars – Las Vegas

Louisville’s own Dallas Alice


Achieving in Las Vegas – I’m just gonna go find a cash machine.

The goddam plane has crashed into the mountain in Hobbs, NM

Stormy aka Bunny gets inked by the Valkyrie

Joe in the Adirondack Mountains. He swears he has an Achiever shirt on.

Newsclipping from Atlanta

Pete’s Dude-mobile – title reads: Lebowski, Jeffrey or Sobchak, Walter

Patrick @ SXSW in Austin with Jimmie Dale Gilmore aka Smokey

The Dude and Walter with Kevin Smith at Golden Apple Comics in LA

Dennis Arnold at a Parrot Head convention in Alabama.


Mark it 8!

Oil painting by Lee Bivens – Oh, they just came over to use the shower.

Craig in San Carlos, Ca Marks it 8!

The Carpet Pissers abiding at “24 hours of Lemons” race

The Lemon Abides…

Protecting and Achieving

Tattoo it on your leg! Matt from Wisconsin.
Raphael’s shoulder from Nice Cote D’Azur, France
Calmer than you are…

Nick with Morgan and Jen of Kitti

Dude patrol, spotted off Perth harbour, Australia

UK Achiever checks his reflection.

Mick’s ride.

Cynthia and John’s LBUGSKi in Orange County

You’re entering a corporate world of pain

John calmer than you are at Cape Kolka, Latvia.

Neck Bone and Uncle Boogie share a Sioux City sarsaparilla in Nevada

A Dude in his Element

Steve at Epcot awaits 2007.

Jeff at Mount Errigal, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Achievers getting ready to bowl in Lincoln, NE

Virginia Achievers, Colin and Matt

Throwing Rocks at ‘Rock of Ages’ granite quarry in Barre, VT

Theodore Herzl

Markin it zero at Fenway Park.

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers – Ultimate Frisbee – Washington

He is the Walrus.


Achieving in Key West, FL.

Ed in Orlando – At least he’s housebroken.

C’mon man, this affects all of us.

Ready for the 4th Annual!

Mark at the Great Wall. The Chinaman is not the issue here.

Kevin Struttin the Sobchak look in Siem Reap, Cambodia

One night in Bangkok!

Ashli’s Lebowski Leg

Tattoo it on your forearm!
Achiever Bowling Shirt!
Achiever Bowling Shirt!

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Abide Hoodie

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LA 2006 Poster

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West 2004 Vegas Poster

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LA 2006 Shirt

Lebowksi Fest is not affiliated with the creators of The Big Lebowski. We are just huge fans of this Coen Brothers masterpiece.
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